03 September 2012

Rediscovered Riethmuller roses

The NSW nurseryman Bruce Treloar has found a group of Multiflora Hybrids whose owners regard them as lost Riethmullers. There are at least four lost Riethmullers in the Multiflora group, but it is not yet clear whether Bruce's roses are registered originals, unregistered originals, sports, seedlings or foundlings.
The missing registered Riethmullers are
  • 'Amore' 1957 deep pink
  • 'Carmel Bice' 1959 pink blend
  • 'Elaine White' 1959 white
  • 'Ngarla' 1955 possibly dark red
  • 'Florrie Joyce' 1960 unknown
  • 'Helios' 1960 unknown
  • 'Rubens' 1960 unknown.
The last three of these may not even be Multiflora Hybrids.
Bruce Treloar has so far identified the following among those he has found:
  • "Esmeralda Taylor Rd" similar to 'Esmeralda' but not the same
  • "Honeyflow #2" similar to but not the same as 'Honeyflow'
  • "Pale Honeyflow" similar to but not the same as 'Honeyflow'.

11 August 2010

Australian nurseries selling Riethmuller roses

Esmeralda in Melbourne Christmas 2010
  • Green E Plants 400 Galston Road, Galston NSW 02 9653 1745: Carabella, Chip's Apple Blossom, Esmeralda, Gay Vista, Honeyflow, Kwinana, Spring Song. Potted plants only, not bare-rooted, so no mail deliveries.
  • Honeysuckle Cottage Carabella
  • Penny McKinlay, Pittsworth near Toowoomba 07 4693 1551: Carabella, Claret Cup, Esmeralda, Gay Vista, Snow Spray, Spring Song
  • Kurinda Roses, 404 Warragul–Lardner Road, Warragul VIC 3820, 03 5623 6827, Carabella, Gay Vista, Honeyflow, Kwinana, Snow Spray, Titian
  • Melville Nurseries Carabella, Titian
  • Reliable Roses Claret Cup, Esmeralda, Gay Vista
  • Roses and Friends Carabella, Claret Cup, Gay Vista, Honeyflow, Spring Song
  • Nieuwesteeg Rose Nursery, Silvan, Victoria, 03 9739 1175: Kwinana
  • Ross Roses Carabella, Titian
  • Treloar Rose Nursery Titian
  • The group Heritage Roses in Australia has a cutting service (connected to its journal) and so does the online Help Me Find Roses.