11 August 2010

Australian nurseries selling Riethmuller roses

Esmeralda in Melbourne Christmas 2010
  • Green E Plants 400 Galston Road, Galston NSW 02 9653 1745: Carabella, Chip's Apple Blossom, Esmeralda, Gay Vista, Honeyflow, Kwinana, Spring Song. Potted plants only, not bare-rooted, so no mail deliveries.
  • Honeysuckle Cottage Carabella
  • Penny McKinlay, Pittsworth near Toowoomba 07 4693 1551: Carabella, Claret Cup, Esmeralda, Gay Vista, Snow Spray, Spring Song
  • Kurinda Roses, 404 Warragul–Lardner Road, Warragul VIC 3820, 03 5623 6827, Carabella, Gay Vista, Honeyflow, Kwinana, Snow Spray, Titian
  • Melville Nurseries Carabella, Titian
  • Reliable Roses Claret Cup, Esmeralda, Gay Vista
  • Roses and Friends Carabella, Claret Cup, Gay Vista, Honeyflow, Spring Song
  • Nieuwesteeg Rose Nursery, Silvan, Victoria, 03 9739 1175: Kwinana
  • Ross Roses Carabella, Titian
  • Treloar Rose Nursery Titian
  • The group Heritage Roses in Australia has a cutting service (connected to its journal) and so does the online Help Me Find Roses.

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